I am data-driven. It all began when I joined TensorFlow Dev Summit in Cagayan de Oro years ago. The rest is history.

More About Me

I’m Marc and I love data. I’m currently working as a Machine Learning engineer at Mynt, a fintech company in Taguig, Philippines. Before I was introduced to the world of Machine Learning and Data Science, I was designing websites and user interfaces for school activities and freelance work. Pursuing a career in Machine Learning and Data Science was not something I put a lot of thought into in the past, but things turned around when I joined my first TensorFlow Dev Summit Extended in Cagayan de Oro, and well, the rest was history. Since then, I have been speaking at tech conferences and involved myself in community development projects with Machine Learning.

Read more about what I do at my blog. Get in touch at hello@marcreyes.ph.